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It's a system for the people but we have no say

It's a system where the people just get pushed away

For a profit, they gentrify our land

And the police enforce their will with an iron hand

We were born into the system -- we had no choice

But we can stand as one people -- with one loud voice

They exploit our labor -- For their own greed

We've got to fight them back -- For the things we need

More people have died of AIDS than in the Vietnam War

By the time they fund research it'll be ten times more

They spend ten billion on a bomber that doesn't fly

While the homeless and the poor just starve and die

Their power comes from us -- We take it away

We can't afford to wait -- It's got to be today

The power is within us -- We can do as we please

Far better that we die on our feet

Than we live on our knees

Every generation had their chance and now it's our turn

We've seen their mistakes and I hope we've learned

We've got to make a better world at any cost

Or the next generation will be just as lost
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