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Do you remember the days when you were young
Your parents were tender, you've had a lot of fun
Do you know what happened? Those days are gone
And you know what it's like to stand on your own feet
You're all alone, a long way from home
A lot of disappointments are waiting for you

Different meanings, different points of view
Summed up to a mountain that seemed to bury you
So you cut the ribbon, you threw away your chains but now
It's not the luck you've found, you've found loneliness
A long way from home

There is no help and you know you're all alone
You know you have to live on your own
A lot of disappointments are waiting for you

Sometimes you regret you've left your home that day
But you can't go back, you fear they'll laugh at your 
That doesn't matter, do what you really want to do
You will get stronger, you're able to live
A long way from home

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