S.d.i. - Absolut Banger songtekst

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Every metal concert he's standing at the stage
No mater 'bout the music, he's always feeling great
He's shouting and jumping, his body's all over sweat
Nearly dying from exhausting, he keeps on banging his 

He never leaves the place before the last riff's died 
He's fighting 'til the end he's the
Absolute banger

It has to be loud and heavy to be the music he loves
His world are the guitars, the screaming and speed
And we are here to give him what he needs

His head is banging to the rhythm of the beat
His neck is aching while he's standing in the heat
His fist is beating at the air 'til the end of the show
And though he's almost deaf he's shouting for more

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Taal: Engels

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