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Je score:
 I read the book of Revalations
 and now I realize we in revalations
 and on that note I make this statement
 For all the young guns to become one to die young
 because the world is filled with hatred
 and they aim to blame our sons
 and I done seen down the barrel of a strap before
 but I don't wanna die no mo'  I fear the reaper
 help us Jesus, help to keep us away from all the sadness
 and deliver us from the hate that cause the madness
 I'm glad its installed in me from day one
 Believe in something because most of my homies believe in nothing
 and paying for it, God bless your souls, I'll be praying for it
 eventually you'll have your day in court
 and I done been a witness to homocide
 seen a whole family die
 before the stones of diamonds in the sky
 through my bloodshot eyes feel the hurt and all the hate
 that I've trapped inside because the hurtin' hard to ache
 there's a smile on my face
 but, that's to keep a man from crying
 cause deep down inside, I know I'm dying
 I'm born for it, gon' take some time to getting used to
 and Satan I know that your listening but I rebuke you
 and refuse to let you capture me and kill my will
 just to survive the game of life, win or lose
 do or die, refuse to let you capture me to kill my will
 to survive the game of life, win or lose, do or die

 Chorus (Johnny P):

 Whether we win or lose this life to do or die
 but sometimes we lose the will to win and wonder why


 Open my hands like a book
 years and years me and my notebook
 I take a close look
 Peep it dread see myself failing
 a felon on the verge of 1-8-7
 but I ain't ever wanna do it
 'cause homocide never solved it,
 just momentarily resolved it
 we've all been involved in the calling of a loved one
 oldest ones the young ones the smartest one the dum-dums
 and not begun with some
 and they all probably died with none by the gun
 that's on the one, two, three and the fo's for life
 I slap five on the black hand side
 I realize the future lies among my two sons and daughter
 so I pray to God just for tomorrow
 In lieu of the drama I move my momma
 but the poverty's prolonging the pain
 plugging my arteries and veins with strains
 when I lose in this game



 12/11/73, a young little huster was born
 torn from my momma's womb in the midst of the storm
 never warned I was going through a world of stress
 never knew that I was born for death, may God bless
 My pops died when I was thirteen, I'm still tripping
 forget living, I'm on a suicidal mission
 tears dripping from my eyes as I look up at the sky
 asked the higher power why my old man had to die
 It was hard to say goodbye I tried to hide what I feel
 forget the wife forget the will (naw, chill; naw, chill)
 I'm at your gravesight, latenight trying to figure out
 would I see your smiling face if I commence to dig you out
 I'm all about the cheese, I plan to see you once again
 but I can't make through the night without commiting a sin
 I had to realize there wasn't no friends, backstabbin
 I had to watch my own back while I was out mashin'
 closed caption for the hearing impaired
 have you ever seen your closest homey laid out buried and dead?
 I shed a tear even though I'm not supposed to cry
 I can't lie I ain't ready to die, I ain't ready

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Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: My Homies (1998)

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