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[VERSE 1: Scarface]

You was playin when you was sayin you was ready,

I'm knowin' you ain't mean it when you told me you was tired of life

and just wanted to leave it you were drinkin,

so I ain't really pay it no attention,

took you back to your crib and dropped you off

with the intention of gettin with this Asian chick

I've been offerin (this chick) somethin exquisite,

I had to spit that game cuz she was vicious,

I'm hoppin back on 6-10 punchin the drop

On my way out to her house I started noticing cops,

Somethin tellin me to turn around and follow these dudes,

Normally I wouldn't consider but out of the blue I'm bustin a U

I get off where they get off at

Well-familiar with these streets, this where I came up at

Roadblocks, yellow tape, "a crime scene" they say,

What the f**k just happened? I just left this place...

I get out and started walkin askin Frog, "What's up?"

Lookin at me dazed like, "Face, it's all f**ked up..."

I move a little closer tryin to see who it is

and I saw his baby mama in tears holdin his kids...




And it was then it finally hit me

I'm standing here nervous as I can be

It was nothing that can prepare me for what i'm finna see

I'm praying this is a dream and i'm bout to awake

But the closer I got the more I realize fate

Wasn't fair to change for me

And why would I think so

My homie had a date with death

He had to make though

I'm feelin eerie, I'm liftin up the yellow tape 

By the time I get to the scene 

they rollin this away

I wonder whats under this sheet, my knees get weak

To the point i had to take me a seat

This shits deep 

When they put a nigga down that you was raised around

What was once a minor statement's turnin' major now

Never woulda thought in years that my homie was suicidal

Had it all money and kids and a wife that read the bible

They say its life and death in the slum 

He had his reasons I shoulda believed him

Anotha soul no longer breathin'

Hate to say it but this one been heavy on my conscience

My nonchalantness just took a life over some nonsense



And everybody thinkin' its murder, but homicide sayin self-inflicted

By the way the body was sitting, brains in the kitchen

Who coulda predicted

But the detectives who was fishin' 

Fucked up that the family had to see dad in his position

All i remember was us doin what we did

To survive in these streets where we lived

We was kids growin up in this environment

Nothing but trouble

You either struggled or you hustled

Folded the bubble

Grade school til we dropped out, we had a plan

We was either finna be rich or die like a man

We did it all for the love of the hood, every journey

Imagine seein' your dawg lifeless across a gurney

I wonder what was goin on

You shoulda said that you was feelin' mad

I coulda talked you outta that

But never will i see you again

Nor will your kids

Nor will your family or your friends 

Its the end

Not even words I write in this song

Can right that wrong

My nigga is gone and life goes on


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