Scarface - The Ghetto songtekst

Je score:
 I dedicate this to my world doug strugglers
 I hope metafy you with peace and all hustling
 I'm busting  for ya'll niggas
 Cause your my niggas on tha realer
 beground these streets for stacking peeler
 For the dealers  save back on your teams
 and underrestamate with these who do
 you get the paper and then get of the street
 ya'll remember  you'll never give the money and the dope to me
 cause i wont give a shee to a nigga starvin
 so we can fluss and blow weed hangin' with the warden
 how many niggas on the quad who don't giva a fuck
 Survivin struggls hiting licks out the hippieclub
 I'm just a homie out the hood who did something
 so why are you fronting
 i'm in for ten years and i'll still wanted
 you heard me homie!
 or do you try to tell it to the dumdums
 they call you niggas
 and niggas try steel were they come from
 i bring the front to all my homies out riding
 help a homie get on his feet, and we'll all riding
 sange, and fange in this game, but it's true
 be sure that you'll respecting the power, and that's you
 never forget the neighbourhood were it started
 the ghette south eight is my hood and my hearts with the...

 I can't get out of here
 i can't get out of here

 Willie D:
 I represent the southeast, of southeast
 millenium muthafucka and kay-doo were ya at
 (one time) bring tha rockas
 cause muthafuckas being talkin' for so long
 but now i'm down with the innerface clik and it's on
 give a fuck were you're from nigga
 and kay-doo always represtentin
 that nigga is a fact i've lived in it
 now look at me, ya'll can't steel rabbit
 for all ya'll niggas talking that shit, i'm still strapping
 Will i strapp ya?
 Niggas with all that hot capit
 niggas packin' in fake and it ain't happning
 will you think we're smacking
 that yellow road is steady packing
 the home of the ghetto slangin
 and car jacking
 nigga, i ain't acting
 i was brought up in this bitch
 from the O.P's and all down to the eastwike
 even flat joe's and even the lingwood is all hood
 for the Christ your all driving is all hood
 The ghetto

 i can't get out of here

 Ice Cube:
 I got give it up to my ghetto niggas
 in the ghetto, bitch, looking forthem ghetto licks
 geting ghetto rich
 knowing that the steam in the book flip the gang
 quick to get my telephone turned on in my mama's name
 this ghetto slang is some shit thatcan beat collage,
 you ain't fucking with this hustla with street knolledge
 9 to 5
 still fliping twenties on the side
 try to get by the feints
 i'm making dollars out of fifty cents
 got the big body benz, with the wheels on it
 a celuarphone with no bills on it
 get your ass on this, got to fill on, still want it
 baby, leen on it, and i can put the kill on it
 you gotot strap a nigga lie like a singer
 puting your baby to sleep
 and turn of your ring and you can catch me on banewick
 looking sick in a six
 and some schweiz on my wrist
 now picture this
 you got to blow, cause to many niggas out for mr. Jackson's dope
 ya'll niggas got to go, to the ghetto

 I can't get out of here
 i can't get out of here

 Willie D
 Deathwall is the site
 when the mic be light
 as twice as shipp advice to my homies who write me in te pine
 Now the sale is hell but kids keep sending me mail
 with their laberty bell, so i can tell you about the half
 and who got cow for riches, and sending bithces,
 i'm making bitches
 I remember when i just to get beat with extensioncars
 and we slanged by to see were my house was
 started stealing out of my mama's perce
 now that she's gone
 she lives thrue my songs
 and it sure hurts
 i couldn't have treated her worse then in the ghetto
 and turn our womens into wideows
 sick to see my homie that i ain't with, trade with, payed with, laughed with
 dead in a casket.
 to my pumps we can reach the top
 but you got a chance to get of the pop
 if you see your chance baby take it
 i was the last mothafucka in the world who thoiught i would make it
 but look at me now, a six on the beach in greeze
 check from the muthafucka stretts of the ghetto

 I can't get out of here
 i can't get out of here
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