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 [ VERSE 1: Scarface ]

It's been a long time comin

But now I'm back up in this bitch to hit these niggas with this gangsta shit

I keep the strong rhymes runnin

My shit don't switch, I'm 10 years in, and ain't changed one bit

It's all about the real, nigga

I keeps it real, nigga

And won't sell out for ??? with Tommy Hilfiger

Fucker, I figure niggas wanna see

The side of society they don't see on TV

So when I bring the shit, I bring the shit like I seen it

And when I scream the shit, I sing the shit like I mean it

No secret, these muthafuckas figure I'm a threat

Cause I ain't fallin short to the traps the demon set

Now sweat, cause now I got my head in your books

And when I think 'cracker', my definition read 'crook'

Now look, we're livin under laws that they set

Back then we were treated like dogs and wasn't shit

And slowly but surely the shit changed

From they fault, but if you black, then you get blamed

A damn shame, that means this muthafucka's one-sided

And blacks, we get lost in the sauce, because we unguided

These muthafuckas had a plan from the start

Get what they can get and rip they assholes apart

They smart

[ CHORUS: Devin / (Tony 'Scarface' Montana) ]

They smart, man

(Those guys...)

You niggas better watch yo ass

(..they're the bad guys)

Them bastards they smart, man

(Those guys...)

It's up to us for how long we gon' last

(..they're the bad guys)			(2x)

[ VERSE 2: Scarface ]

I declare an all-out attack

Let's take our minds behind enemy lines, so we can see how the demon acts

And how he set us up for failure in the first place

And why the fuck did we just settle for a birthday

You see, I'm hip to the games that you run

Like the games you run unfair, we can get no fair one

Cause we was dealt the bad hand from the jump

And we can't deal, so we jack and get drunk

And might end up locked down or six feet

But in these streets a muthafucka gots to eat

You can't sleep, cause if you're caught sleep, you gots to pay

And just like everyone left you got your day

And these days were meant for all to keep tryin

But we can't relate, so we fall and keep dyin

Open your muthafuckin eyes who your enemy

The muthafuckas dyin or the muthafuckas killin you?


[ VERSE 3: Scarface ]

You put your crack on my table

I turn my axe on my neighbor

And my back to my Savior

You had me thinkin you were almighty

But to the Almighty you're just a man that's really all tiny

The Maker will open up our minds to see

That heaven ain't a place here on Earth, you gots to leave

And once we leave, we stand between eternal peace and eternal pain

And you the beast shall meet eternal flame

So let it rain, wash away up all my bad things

And put some laughter in our hearts again

Now black men, stand up, let's come together as a whole race

And don't be fed up by the old days

They try to do us like the Indians, killin us like wild beast

And show more love for the Chinese

And kept us trapped up in a small room

And made decisions on our life we accepted that left us all doomed

They sabotaged and they camouflaged

But if these niggas came to crank up some shit, then I be down to ride

These muthafuckas had a plan from the start

The only way to beat em is to think, cause they smart


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