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Greatest ever done it, you can learn from it
Dope game; ran it - rap game; run it
Street cred hundred, nerd turned D-boy
Naughty genetic make-up, baby, 
I'm a G-boy
Hashtag street-boy, wrong one to fuck with
Cross me at your own risk, play to get back, you can trust this
I am far from average, to me it ain't no such thing
Me against the world so fuck it I let my nuts hang
I've been known to bust bang, 
Kíli of the NEB
I don't need an army when the smoke clears, he sees me
Rhyming at it's finest unlike those vaginas
They claim that they the real deal knowing I'm the highest
Time for the command chain, I am what the streets made
I am what the hood built, 
You are just a weak lame
Homocidal maniac with suicidal tendencies
You're more like a punk band, 
I'm more like a pedigree
Nigga, you ain't seen yet so y'all can not describe me
I'm a freak of nature, 
Don't shit here suprise me
Money over everything except a nigga's manhood
I am not a prostitute, you don't understand hood
Fuck a nigga getting his unless he 'bout to give me mine
Otherwise he prime beef, shocking when I up the nine
And hit him with it several times, fuck you thought I was civilized?
Welcome to the jungle, fool, it's only right I punish you
Nigga with an attitude, feel like MC Ren felt
Quiet on the set, you funky bitch, you get your friend slept
I'll give your gang a black eye, blame it on the black God
I be on some nigga shit, 
I'm nigga rich so that's why
Guess what my religion is, this is what the business is
Expose you for your garbage ass rappers, you can witness this
Came to bang the game up, pussies think they came up
Oh, you got a drophead? 
So now you think you're famous?
Out here it's dangerous, if we don't know your name cuz
We don't even give a fuck, rappers get it fucked up
Security save you? 
Nah, it's their side job
They don't want no conflict, t
Hey don't want no problem
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