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 [Verse 1:]


You wonder why, 

I hang with these thugs


I'm from the hood


I gives a fuck (I gives a fuck)

It's in my blood

Since I was little I been hangin' with these Niggas

And till I die I gon remain with these Niggas

St. Paul in

The M-P-L-S, I hear you callin'

I put it down yes

Now Chris Rock were you at

I heard you say some shit about some blacks

Nigga, this been your ass back

Come see the real deal

Stay in the fields Nigga

These Niggas will kill

This ain't no cap-gun shots, Nigga

This a Glock, pah, pah,

It's death on your block

Knock, knock

Whut's up Nigga?

These sirenes start singing

It's me and Yuk with the L-G in the makin'

It's stinkin', freakin'

Bowlin' on the weekend

Creepin, seekin'

Me, till the currency

Gimme stacks up on mo' stacks

I'm dubble parked for the train

Even your moms know my name

I be the D into the M and the M into the G

And I bring the B-O-M-B-?




It's In My Blood 

Smokin sweets, drink 40's to the suds

And fuckin wit these thugs, Nigga

That's In My Blood

You wonder why us niggas be hustelers

And out there slingin' drugs, Nigga

That's In My Blood

That drug money, stuff that shit up under the rug

And make that Nigga bug, Nigga

It's In My Blood

Niggas like me turn Niggas like you into hustelers

Fuckin wit us, fuckin wit us!

[Verse 2:]


It's in my veins

Like a chain-reaction

How it all happened

Paps is slangin' crack in the mid 80's

Back in the day when shit was crackin'

Niggas pay 38 for a package

Tightly rappin'

For shippin' and handelin' taxes was added

That's where the A-raps headin'

Even when I sleep they in cavage

Lavage shit

Do automatics with scopes under my mattress

With the dope and the drugmoney, 

stuffin' that shit up under the rugmoney

Thug hungry

Takin' drugs only cause we love money

I'm a Nigga, he's a Nigga, 

would you like to be a Nigga too

Makin' big scrilla like these Niggas do

You probably be a drugdealer too

Scan and tuned in to the boys in blue

Listen for clues

In the kitchen bakin up Peruvian flake

It takes

28 grams

Multiplied by 36 zips to make

A triple beam brake, a triple beam shake

A hundred grams on the triple beam flake

2.2 pounds to be straight

My Niggas just flew in from GA

Ready to buy 4 kilos

Then drive slow back to Youngstown Ohio

So fuck these rhymes

Let me stick my dick in your ear,

and fuck with your mind



[Verse 3:]

[Big Mike]

Niggas betray themselves as low key,

broken down and fabricated

Easily ejaculated, table with and half way faded

Ain't no wars cause they made it

That type of bullshit is outdated

But I played it like I laid it 

My partners have always said that

It was set me up 

For life

Money, clothes and hoes but road I chose was

Nothin' nice

Niggas know just what it's like to be hustelers

Governors from strugglers

Bitches lovin' us

Blindly chasin' that life we lust

I blush,

bottles, havin' thoughts and iring dreams

Goin' down and roll fast

Tryin' to get what my eyes have seen

Fried of me, huh

Nigga for a hand that got me through these eyes right to see

But part not I was blind to the point,

not even I could see, or that I could be


I wasn't meant for me this type of trickery

Hit me with the type of mystery

Lay it down like history

With the intend of be myself and I

Street desire, easila

Piece of mind, I was least to find

Some sassiness

Hossisiless it gets to shit and praise to the farmer innercist

Nobody was meant for it, it was deadly

And I was discontent

With the shit that life once sent

Government depend, now most of my time is spent

Escapin' what I love

It's in my blood

[Chorus x2]

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