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I'm just another ghetto boy

Single parent upbringing, mama's pride and joy

Dad died 'fore I got a chance to meet that dude

So I was raised in the hood, in the streets I grew

Seen it all, it ain't too much I ain't done yet

Let my nuts hang, nigga I ain't scared of shit

Seen death in my eyes, musta not have been time

Cause I'm the last of this motherfuckin breed of mine

Yeah and can't nobody tell you no different

The nerve of this motherfucker sayin I'm tripping

The nerve of you motherfuckers questionin this

When I'm as real as a realass nigga can get

And I was raised with that g-code imbedded in my blood

And I would rather die than tell on a nigga from my hood

Or tell it on a motherfucker period

I take the code to the game that serious

The streets got rules, it's certain shit you don't do like

Sayin it was me when you knowin that it was you

It's not defamation if what I'm sayin is true

Picked a fight, got beat, now this pussy is tryin to sue

Bitch, you knowin what the outcome was

Fuck with one fuck with all, we were bound by blood

Not the blood of the gang but the blood of James

It's out of love for this nigga we pump slugs in frames

That's the type of dude you're listenin to

Soft to you for a minute then I'm trippin with you

And since you want it with me I'll position them goons

They carry out the order to this mission and boom

Ya out, now what was all this chit-chat about?

A word from the wise, keep my dick out ya mouth

Apparently I been too lenient on dudes

Cause you niggas done forgot who the streets belong to

I'm the motherfuckin king, I'm the motherfuckin mayor

I'm the president, the don, the boss of all players

Remember me, the one you got your idea from?

Well I'm still here, planted on this block I slung

So fresh and so clean, complicated rhyme schemes

You niggas is monotone, ain't no fuckin with heat

I'm a motherfuckin g and if I'm lyin then poof

May the Lord strike me dead in this motherfuckin booth

I'm the truth, emeritus, the F-A-C

The M to the O to the motherfuckin B

OG, to the critics analyzing my shit

Thinkin so-and-so is better, you can suck my dick

Cause it's been 20 years and counting and I still ain't bouncing

Fuck the club I'm a true thug, the realest nigga out here

Yeah I listen to them bullshit caps

Or how they so-called shine but that bullshit's wack

Steady on my grind and when I pull this strap

I'ma show you what I mean by "These fools just rap"

Cause I'm just as greedy as the next man is

I see em sellin and then I'ma feed my kids

And it is what it is, you can take it how you want it

Motherfuck who I offend they can meet me on the corner

It don't matter who you is or where you come from punk

When you see me that's the motherfuckin bell, bitch, jump

Cause I'm tired of you niggas disrespecting the great

I am legend, it ain't nobody fuckin with Face

My catalog's timeless

I could go on for days and days

Let me count the ways I got paid

It's over when I leave this stage

I'ma turn the page, say goodbye to Face

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