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Hallelujah can tell this
Devin's got some shit wouldn't give a fuck if you dissed
Because shit to each's own and each owns voice
You can be stealin killin or chillen whateva your choice
Smoke some weed smoke ya pipe fuck it
Life if how you live it
I grab tha mic while tha DJ groove it (turntable scratch noise)
Explicit lyrics is what um known to kick
Trying to make money so I can make honeys blow on mah dick
I go on a quick mission to find some kil'
Ain't no big deal, just hop in tha Seville
Mah homey put me down quarter pound for a bill
Wake up in tha morning and I have weed still and I chill
With tha brothas sippin coffee
Too old to be listenin' into what you say so hoe get off me
You're born in this world by ya self and you die alone
So as long as ya grown ya might as well gone and just
Do what tha fuck you wanna do (Go ahead and just)
Say what tha fuck you wanna say
What did it all mean?
Say what you want hoe ya grown
You make decisions on your own
No one would suffer but you
So do what tha fuck you wanna do
Now everybody's got elders and you should respect um
They been through similar shit but then again you can't let um
Put they hands on ya life like a remote control
Have you travelin down tha same bumpy tore up road
Now close friends and relatives they should be constantly by ya side
And understand you gotta let ya conscience be your guide
There'll finally come a time for ya self you must decide
Cause you only get a ticket might as well enjoy tha ride and just
And there's a couple of fucked up man made rules that we should follow
But you gotta realize you just might not wake up tomorrow
And tha dollar you earn
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