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(feat. Bushwick Bill)

Haha, yeah ain't no bangas in this mothafuckin joint nigga
Just niggaz on some mack, playa list shit
Real shit

(Bushwick Bill)
I see you punk motherfuckers tryin ta mix me
In a place where a mark ol bitch would be
So I guess I gotta let that fuckin thug out
Bug out I see you dead niggaz drug out
I know you sayin damn I hate him
But gats ventilatin talkin niggaz bodies like methalaytim
I caught a nigga like that when I was clubbin
Confronted him, then I dumped off in his chest
Motherfucker thought I was bluffin when I let it known
Nigga anything thats my business please leave it alone
And fools gonna hafta learn this bull shit the hard way
And I'll be stuck for life where the bard's stay
I give a fuck about your bitch ass
There'll be a lotta motherfuckas in this world wearin shit bags
Fuck talk, all I do is shoot nigga
I been pushed too motherfuckin far nigga

You fools done fucked around and ya tried to hard to test
Now I'm comin with some shit to crush they vest
Even a small soldier gotta point when he gotta snap
And blow you rotten motherfuckers off the map
You fools done fucked around and ya tried to hard to test
Now I'm comin with some shit to crush they vest
"So why in the fuck you wanna act up
Know when I can shoot your ass and your chest and blow your back up"

(Bushwick Bill)
Dollars and Sense is a motherfuckin playa crew
But God dammit playas have beef too
And its usually you jealous ass niggaz
But sometimes even them hoe's heads get bigger
And Mr. Chuck's too short to buy that
Shocked when I glocked that bitch, wear ya weave tied hoe
Because the game done changed and its strange
How when a niggaz dentures be te next niggaz name to flip
When they see a playful nigga like me busta cap
Now Mr. Chuck gotta murder rap
And now that wanna stop me from breathin
But them better believe that me got somethin up my sleeve
Bully bye bye bye bye when I drive by
Die die when them motherfuckin bullets fly
I didn't ask for this shit but you brought it to me
You played pussy now get fucked, you push me


Now I have no remorse
One slip of the tongue and now we makin arrangements for your corps
My body turns into the left field
Countin up the body count as I hear the caps peel
Now I wasn't known for eatin the flesh of the enemies
Stalkin you in packs so the killaz done with these
Rippin yo flesh now you're only seconds from yo death
Feel your heart poundin while your takin your last breath
I see you sayin you ain't scared to die
Then reality sets in gun shots rings and now ya start to cry
I guess you never knew how it would be
You messed up, now eternally you will rest in peace
You shoulda never played no games with me
You shoulda never sparked no flames with me
And now you understand your life is scarred
You played the deadly game and its a shame I hadta pull yo card

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