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 [ VERSE 1 ]

Ah shit.. I'm sick of niggas jumpin up with choppers

Runnin for your shit, tryin to make another nigga stop ya

But it's on cause you up against a real nigga

I steal niggas and kill niggas, I'm the real nigga

You up against a muthafucka with a quick temper

I'm a born killer, in case you don't remember

I got my pistol but I got a different clip in it

Click-click, muthafuckas, can you get with it?

You ain't the nigga that you thought you was, fool

And now I'm after that ass on the cool

It's all about survival of the fittest

Nigga, you shouldn'ta did this

And now I gots to handle my business

I got to get your ass up out the picture

I ain't the nigga you wanna fuck with

Muthafucka, I wouldn't bullshit ya

Now look at what you stuck with

The last nigga in this muthafuckin world you shoulda fucked with

I'm leavin niggas in bodybags

You shouldn'ta fucked with the Brad

You punk muthafucka, I'm comin agg

[ VERSE 2 ]

Mr., Mr. Scarface for the nine-trey

Niggas packin nines, fuck you, bitch, I pack an A.K.

Fully automatic for you hoes who wanna jack this

S.A. fool, and I'ma put you on your back, bitch

Ain't no half-steppin, I'm comin at you rough-like

Shootin to kill cause back in school I had enough fights

Whenever when I bucked my knuckles up on a nigga's head

So you can sling em all you want but I be slingin leg

Cause like I said befo' I'm a muthafuckin dreadlock

Puttin fools in headlocks, givin niggas headshots

And everybody in your muthafuckin area

Is tryin to scrap up some money, so they can help to bury ya

But I can give a muthafuck about your family

Because your family ain't my fuckin family

You shoulda thought before you stepped to tha

Nigga in black standin right here next to ya

I'm stoppin muthafuckas from breathin

Just gimme a reason and I'ma be squeezin

The trigger of this muthafuckin glock, pop-pop until you drop

>From these muthafuckin gunshots

And leave your whole fuckin family sad

Don't fuck with the Brad, muthafucka

Cause Brad's comin agg

[ VERSE 3 ]

Where the cocksuckers at, where the cocksuckers at?

(Where they at? Where they at?) (There they go) at my gat

Cause I'm about to heat up like a vet

Chop shit down on your set and then jet

And smash off in my soap box

Cause I'm down for the dirt and muthafuckas said it don't stop

Now which one of you hoes wanna fuck

Make your way to your truck

I wanna see the way that you jump

Cause by the time you get your keys

I'm lettin loose, muthafucka, lay em down, nigga, and get these

It ain't shit for me to watch em fly

So die, muthafuckas, die, muthafuckas, die, die

I ain't no muthafuckin good guy, dog

And I don't give a good guy damn about none of y'all

I'm from the state of the muthafuckin gunslingers

Knockin dicks in the dirt with just this one finger

So get your ass caught up in this gangsta shit

And I'ma try my best to make it stank, you bitch

Plus you comin with that fake drag

You fallin dead on your ass, you muthafucka

I'm comin agg

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