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(feat. Bilal)

These are the last days, settle in

Look at the turmoil our kids left the ghetto in

They bustin metal and, ain't got remorse for the innocent

It's just another nigga in the morgue

My momma's pregnant with a son she should abort

Cause she ain't knowin what I'm fin' to be facin is nothin short

of a, racially motivated killin cause them boys

see a nigga as only a third of a human, {?}

Every time I see a cracker with a badge, I'm in awe

Cause I'm knowin how he feel, and I'm just bein real

I don't hate and I don't preach it ain't no motherfuckin secret

We ain't first class citizens, and we ain't second either

Need to, get up and get out, and cut that bullshit out

Nigga get yo' own you strugglin at this bitch house

The lack of makin money make a motherfucker bend

If you'd rather me than you die in the end, again and again

[Chorus: Bilal]

I made it over to dry land

but still wound up sinkin in quicksand

I'm tryin Lord, I just can't get right

Paid the bills on Monday

Even went to church on Sunday

But I, but I, but I just can't get right


I lay in bed lookin up at the ceiling

as the fan turns in a circle, thinkin 'bout my evil

Seein end on my TV, bombs in the skies

over Baghdad they fight but they don't know why

What they said about Hussein, was a God damn lie

Raised a war against a religion for oil, don't lie

I seen, kids from the hood livin like they gon' die

with the mindset of be broke or let's go get high

With the people livin so crazy how we gon' get by

Gasoline five dolars, how the fuck we gon' drive?

Can't afford to fill our prescriptions so we all gon' die

CVS is slangin dope on every block worldwide

Since, spies up and had the dope game on fine

Then it's only right for one nigga to go get mine huh

If they injured how they gon' survive?

If they stuck at the bottom how the fuck they gon' ride?



Ain't life a muh'fucker, first you think you got it, then it

all falls apart in front your eyes, try to stop it, but it's

part of the plan that was written by the man

Got me down on my knees and my hands, prayin

Forgive me Lord, thank the Lord I'm alive

Cause I'm knowin deep down I coulda died

I shed so many tears lost so many peers

In the grave or the penitentiary facin 20 years

Pourin beers on the corner, cause Frankie told me {?} lonely

I was high livin blind to the fact that they sold us out

America the Beautiful, there's a funeral

on every day of the month, tryin to get our knees up

Huh, it's another chance under these circumstances

My people ain't advancin, but if we pray

Maybe we'll get to live our life in the sun

'stead of livin on the blocks dyin young, here I come

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