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(feat. Ashanti)

Baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby,

Yo it's tha remix wit'cha boi Beenze
Tha hard hit a thigh split it straight from New Orleans
I done been in a lot of places with a lot of ladies
They call my cell phone jus so they can call me baby (Baby)
I keep them guess'n brain stressen when some niggas see me
Said it be *foolish* how I treat them but they still won't leave me
I take two steps ahead while they take two steps behind me
While I got them wondering why I hooked up with this girl Ashanti, Ashanti

I got this jones forming in my bones (from a man)
Who indeed took over my soul, (understand)
I couldn't breathe if he ever said (he would leave)
Get on my knees till they bloody red, (baby please)
See I don't if you get it yet, (just don't know)
He's like the lighter to my cigarette, (watch me smoke)
I never knew another human life (didn't know)
Can have the power to take over mine, So baby baby.

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,(baby I love you)
baby, baby, baby, baby,baby
I love it when I hear ya name got me sayin'
baby, baby, baby,baby, baby,(baby I love you)
baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.

See, I could never feel alone with you (in my life)
I gave up everything I own for you (won't think twice)
Almost a shame how I'm mesmerized (such a shame)
I loose my thought lookin in your eyes (I know why)
Becuz your kisses make my lips quiver and (that's real)
And when you touch me my whole body shivers (I can feel)
Now,I can see how another life (nother life)
You have the power to take over mine cause your my...


(Break it down)
Baby, I can't see my worth (I can't see)
Living here on God's green earth
You don't know what you've done to me, (done to me)
I never thought I'd need you desperately, (desperately)
It's kind of sick how I'm stuck on you (stuck on you)
But I don't care cause I'm needing you (I'm needing you)
And how I feel will remain the same (remains the same)
Cuz your're my baby, (cause your my baby)

Now from the moment that I heard you say it
Wuz like my favorite track and I'm like ooh replay it
See i been down on that road and made mistakes before
A lady gets to close I close a shot and then the chick gots to go
You see I love w hat you say'n baby
But I'm new to the game slip out my plan baby
I been waitin to long to get some chicks like this
But when I'm ready baby you will be the first woman on my list

Listen and when the world starts to stress me out, (where I run)
It's to you boi with out a doubt (you're the one)
Who keeps me sane and I can't complain (can't complain)
You're like adrug you relieve my pain (may seem strange)
You're like the blood flowing through my vain, (oooo)
Keeps me alive and feeding my brain, (oooo)
Now this is how another human life (nother life)
Could have the power to take over mine cause your my...

[Chorus 2x]
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