Saskia & Serge

Saskia & Serge - baby, i'll give you everything

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Baby, I’ll give you everything
Everything, my heart can give to you
Baby, I’ll give you everything
But maybe, it’s not enough

I woke up this morning in a strange place
I looked into the mirror at a pale face
Then I searched for you, 
But you’re nowhere to be found
Then I felt the loneliness coming down

I walked across the room to the empty bed
Saw the imprint on the pillow where you laid your head
Then I felt the tears, 
They were dripping down my face
As I realized no one could take your place

(c) Saskia & Serge / Schaap / Piet Souer
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Auteur: Piet Souer, Ruud Schaap, Trudy van den Berg

Componist: ?

Publisher: rotation


Uitgegeven in: 1976

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Baby I'll Give You Everything (single) (1976) , Baby I'll Give You Everything (2007) , Greatest Hits (1984)

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