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You Were Here
Sarah Harmer

Are there no blinders on lights that blare
white noise on the eyes
From gas station lots
and reflected ice glares
so that I can walk home
by moonlight alone

can we go up to where the wind howls
and stand alee against the trees
they've grown up so tall
that you can't see the house
it's a fortress now but you know how it used to be

G        C D
(G)I could (C)l(D)ie to my(G)self
And say I l(C)ike it(D)
(G)But I would l(C)ove it(D)
If (G)you were (C)here(D)

These words on paper smell like you
Associated and random thought
On my lips words turn blue
Evanescent feeling lost


I can just see you show me your garden
I thought you'd grow roses and grapes on the vine
I wanted to know you when we were both older
I thought there'd be more of those wonderful times


------ --0----------------------------------

The main riff is variations on


And the chorus is just

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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Universal Music, Pare Publishing, Mummy Dust Music


Uitgegeven in: 2000

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: You Were Here (2000)

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