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Open Window
Sarah Harmer

intro E B E B E B E B

(E)Love,(B) I see you (E)there a(B)drift on the (E)air
(B)floating by the (A)open window
(E)Ah, the(B) sentiment of (E)love (B)reflections that speak (E)of
what can (B)enter when our (A)hearts are open
(F#m)here, witnesses a(A)pear and recognize how (E)sacred love can (B)be
when stated
(E)shared, sho(B)wn for all to (E)see(know) the (B)beauty that can
when (B)love is (A)cultivated

(B)Well our (E)love(A) is a sacred thing
(B)Like the my(E)steries (A)of the night
(B)in the (E)darkness un(A)wavering
(B)and sti(E)ll so (A)strong come the light(B)
Well our (E)love(A) is an infinite thing
(B)like the (E)suns last (A)ray on the sea(B)
as it (E)sets (A)low in the west
(F#m)and the moon rises(A)
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