Sadist - The Ninth Wave

Je score:
she was the most beautiful
she should be the one
she was true, she, wife of my kings
she who got in me, like this
and my madness is not smaller
than her beauty
i didn't run away after having her
no fear, she was mine
the dream was mine
'cos noone understood
the judge of blind servants
she was mine
sea all around me
can you understand me?
speaking beyond the ninth wave
i'll be back
and take what's due to me
beyond the ninth wave
i know the truth

the judge of blind servants
i'm mad and exiled
in unknown waters

a knife and a wooden coffin
a drift in a black water's sea
she's mine. i'll be back
for the end of everything

thirst and darkness
screams like an endless echo in my mind
hunger and a burning sun
inside my brain
i'll be back
she's the one
from beyond the border
of a known world
i'm not to blame
she was staring
i was atonished more & more
but she was in me
i'll be back
she's the one. she's here
i'm sinking in her waters
i'm back to you
beyond the ninth wave
my madness is not less than my pain
from here
where you look at me smiling
i have no strenght to move nor to speak
i can still hear you whispering
while my last breath ...
i lost it long ago

frome here ...
beyond the ninth wave
all that's left to me
are your screams
in a frame of black waters
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: ?


Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Tribe (1995)

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