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Yeah, yeezy I just had to do it ha (you're gonna be popular)
I got your shoes at the crib though, yo
She said, (i'll have you be popular) I knew this chick name
(I have to be popular) look like oyamane
[Verse 1]
I knew a chick name music who told me if I do her
That she would help to make me popular, but understand that
I was chess club and glasses Mr. I have yet to ever miss a class
And the promise of an honor roll, honor though and mainstream
Had me fainting like a blind missing a painting, so I flew her to Louvre
I dedicated every waking minute to her studies went toilet my mind
Was on tourin' and seeing me and her making plaques and them children
Getting awards and the claim like turok hoppin' off a plane and on a stage
Turot yeah she promised me that would never end, but like a varsity sport
I gotta let her in and so I did I kept her satisfied now I got my letterman
Jacket nigga that implies i'm popular
Popular, you're gonna be popular (uh)
You're gonna be popular, you're gonna be popular (ok, uh)
You're gonna be popular (she said) i'll have you be popular (that's what
She said) i'll have you be popular, i'll have you be popular
[Verse 2]
My muse made me pop like a soda and now my mom's runnin' out of room
To sew the lettuce that i'm earnin' on they feel the pockets and sleeves
And now the chest and the lipstick of cheerleaders fills the rest (ha), they love
My style and my light skin and everybody else bite like they let the right one
In then the teachers that i'm admirin' are throwin' me the torch and they announcin'
Their retirement, hmm... now that was all up in my hit up, and I am getting quite
A fuckin' hit up myself so I get back to work then the jock whisper somethin' in my
Ear to fuck my whole head and my new era up, he said she fuck wit everybody,
Music kinda loose jo she fuck wit everybody, don't let the lies that she feed you,
Defeat you just keep your fuckin' head up and keep on believing you'll be popular
Popular, you're gonna be popular (we out) you're gonna be popular (ok)
You're gonna be popular (she said), you're gonna be popular (she said)
I'll have you be popular (yo) i'll have you be popular (she said) i'll have you
Be popular, i'll have you be--
[Verse 3]
Because I heard uh uh, it goes my studies for awhile and now
I'm afraid to fail in finals 'cause that means that I would never be a fresher man
And I have squandered everything that i've invested in, my shit is cold when I
Bought when I should have sold, and now my foes on the internet are sayin' it fold
Allow me to short tend the story that I told, when life says stop it's kinda hard to go
I do though backwards so it's all good, I know i'm cold and you said I could
So when it's ice cool if we call the music business where it's usually 'bout the
Cars, chains, and the bitches I do me like my ex-girl taught me and if I do it long
Enough you will all applaud me, success is well with two T's talentine, until then
I'm livin' in my mind where i'm popular
Popular, you're gonna be popular (yeah S-Preme, we out) you're gonna be popular,
You're gonna be popular (ha, we out) you're gonna be popular, i'll have you be
Popular, i'll have you be popular, i'll have you be popular, i'll have you be popular
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