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Lil Johnny tried school couldn't afford tution

Now he's in jail because of drug possession

Pop's was laid off he was the man of the house

So he ran the streets and hussled to put food in the mouths

How would your family 

You'd do anything you had to do right

That what's Johnny did 

That's what all of us have to do


Set free all my peeps are locked down 

All my peoples can finally graduate they drop out

With no corrupt politician are crooked cops now

That's what i'm looking for 

It's just those ghetto streets all the way to the trailor parks

With all shattered dreams and all broken hearts

We can all come together all this is a start

That's what i'm looking for

Susan loved her daddy but not like he loved her

Couldn't tell her mother the way he touch her

She ran away from home chasing her dreams 

Not any guy can pay to be daddy know what I mean

How many of those Susan you think is out there right now

And what are you gon do about 

Sometimes all we do is just come togther and sing



  This is for my teachers(understaff and undergrade)

  All the butler's(Limo drivers and Range)

  All the drug addicts (tring to kick the habit)

  We understand so take our hand

  All the good polices and soldiers just risking there lives

  All the truth freedom fighters to die

  All this glue gonna come and separate good paths

  Hold on stay strong someones got your back (SANG)


I know sometimes it feels like you just can't make it through the day

But try this type of meditation and just try to feel good. 

Chorus(to the end)
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