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"Why am I ignored?.....Why am I ignored?"

He be standin'...alone on the block;
and he really don't care if you like him or not-
A one of a kind...at least in his momma's eyes;
Anotha 'youngin' tryna make a rise to the top...(swag)
He be gettin' it...any way he can.
Just a little boy; thinkin' he a grown man;
But the boy hold it down when the goons, and the 
fiends, and the heathens come around-
On top of that, he be reppin' for his town!
If you got a problem; his solution is a set of matchin' 
All about the mon-eh; with honey on the side...
Most people stay away, because the boy lost his mind!
I'm tellin' ya'll 'cause I don't wanna see...You end up 
being somebody missin' on TV.
For him, it's "Do or Die"; No fun for you and I-
If you ever cross the line, you better run for ya mutha 
******' life!
...he's like....

"My swag's level 9, I stay up on my grind. I do it how 
I do it, and I do it all the time...
Nobody is above me. Every woman loves me. They can't 
get enough of me.
I'm beastin'...do it for the streets, ho. Get ya girl 
in 'freak' mode, 'cause she don't ride for free, yo.

...That boy got somethin' to prove, if you know-then 
you already knew!

He be liftin'; lookin' in the mirror-at every 
opportunity to get a little bigger
...He tired of the bullies; ridin' into school in them 
fancy ass whips, and them crazy ass hoons!!!
He a 'pipsqueak'; that's what they call him.
One day be strong enough to bench press all-em...
Ya'll makin' him evil!
Set the pride aside; treat the boy as an equal. 
Believe me ya'll need to...
'Cause the boy been collectin' automatics,
and I doubt he plans to be out huntin' any rabbits-wit 
He got a lil voice in his head, and it's been tellin' 
him to "Get him, get him...GET EM ALL, KILL 
You won't have any 'swag' if you layin' by a teacher in 
******' bodybag
Don't be *****' with the dude; better check the 
We don't need another shooter to be shottin' up the 
...He's like...

"Why am I ignored? Except when someone trips me, and 
I'm falling on the floor?
My parents do not love me; and I am a mistake...
I'm only 17...how much more can I take?
(**** 'em)
I really think that I am living wrong. On top of that I 
do not have a date for the prom...
(**** 'em)"

...That boy got somethin' to prove; if you know then 
you already knew!!!

"Why am I ignored?...
Why am I ignored?...
Why am I ignored?..."

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