R.d. Peoples

R.d. Peoples - No Church Needed songtekst

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Amazing you as lazy and crazy as uh...
Slave can be; forsaken your identity-
Your luck is runnin' out
We've had enough of morbid doubt;
So we morph from inside out and run another route...
I'm going in so you can see;
Blister ears that won't listen to me-
Show no fear, and I won't make you bleed...
And if you run-become an amputee.
Where I'm from all you really need is a-
little bit of love, and a little bit of weed...
A little bit of "What?" with a little bit of "Huh"
And a little light speed...
Amazing you done made it this far; you came in
To your own frame; we done had you framed in...
Another realm of evolution; yet no solution-
To the problems you created; so we re-creatin'!
Get ready...It's about to be very rough
Mass suicide in a state of hysteria!
Enough is enough; we thought with time you would 
(huh) We thought wrong; very wrong. So lame-
With a brain like that you can gain God's ways...
You can breed six more senses 
You can see all eleven dimensions that we live in,
And rename the non-finite membrane!
Meaning that it's infinite;
Unlike a species with mediocre temperament; meaning 
Human Beings...
At one point, it was like; "Put 'em all in"...
Now we only wanna save all the Dolphins.
Eradication-mistaken as a masterpiece;
New World, and completely disaster free!
Empty galaxy; light years away from me...
And this is all because of your blasphemy! (huh)
The closest you'll get to the truth is a message 
relayed in a booth...
There is no "Missing Link"; misfitting what you think-
Like mixing up a drink...
And we were tickled "Pink"
You were simply a concoction; then put up for adoption-
And no one adopted; NOT WORTH THE INK!!!
It was something next level; every Universe found you 
so selfish...And didn't wanna help you
Pathetic and devilish; really nothing special
Turn your back on your bretheren;
Then relish in the fact you attack for each other's 
On top of that you embellish areas you settle in!
Your precious metals ain't worth rose pedals;
What's the benefit for us to come back again and help 
You wanna feel alive?
Why, all you do is lie!
Suppose we did arrive...you'd rather see us die!
Afraid of gettin' old, but forgot you have a soul;
Plus you don't see us as a whole.
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