Ray Smith

Ray Smith - He Can't Love You Like I Do songtekst

Je score:
I called you on the phone to say hello
You tell me that you're doing fine
And that you found somebody new
He cant love you like I do

I know inside your heart you still care
No matter what you say or do
You say you need more from a man
More than I been givin to you

So you think you found someone new
Wholl love you better than I do
Well, have I got news for you

He cant love you like I do

So tonight youll meet him down town
Youll dance just like we use to do
Hell tell you youre his everything
But the only face youll see will be mine

He'll take you home and make love to you
And whisper sweet lovins in your ears
Oh, but when he kisses you
It will be me sitting there

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