R.a.p. - 102nd Burning Floor songtekst

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Again the same old faces all around
And then again someone is let you down
Forget about those people
They don`t go any deeper (it`s where you wanna be)
For all of you I have got something to say
Neither lies nor truth - does it mean I have to pray?
Forget about the best
They`re up in Everest (they love only themselves)

Please stop talking, can you shut up for a while
I`m not joking, and I`m not really busy dying
When you see me on the hundred second burning floor

Come take me down, take me down from yellow cloud
It is getting cold, getting dark there on the ground
Which side are you on?
I begin to feel alone (as everybody does)
Hello, my friend, I know you hear me now and then
Someone has come, someone will let me down again
Forget about them all
They cross the sky and fall (but you wanna rise)

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