Ramaj Eroc

Ramaj Eroc - The Omen

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I hope you believe in what you say & say what you believe...
I pray my angels hear me from the other side
I know my time has come when death appear alive
God made us alike, so I don't fear them guys
but if you ever thought we were the same, nigga, your mirror lied
I lost faith in my beliefs, when I looked deep into the most sincerest eyes
as they weeped, pleading for answers, strong as can be
but so fuckin' damaged from being beat in a life
where you constantly keep calling on GOD, but he...
*phone hangs up, dial tone*
what's the price of life if it's your own?
my closet filled with clothes & bags of bones
my demons said they're still gambling for my soul
that's when I realized the time of my passing has been postponed
lyrics feel like a prophet's omen
you can die wealthy or poor, depending on which stock you're holdin'
see, I would tell you some more, but listen, my wisdom is pricey
'cause I can whole heartely guarentee you ain't met no one like me
pass me the henny, but be light handed, I don't drink much
because I still got unresolved aggression pent up
just keepin' it real, I've been workin' on self-awareness, it's true
'cause how you gone tell me 'bout me, when you do not know you
troubled times calls for desperate measures
composed minds learn from every lesson, no matter L or blessing
me & OJ took the "L" to Jackson
'cause hanging out on our side of the city is not relaxing, damn.
yo favorite rapper brag a lot of their records
talkin' all that best rapper shit and who the top bitch
but don't you dare put them against someone 'cause then
they'll complain like "why you gotta compare me to her & him", what?
shit is insanity, really, I swear it's strange
just so much vanity, silly, ya'll all the same
look, I brag too, don't get it twisted
but If there's competition, I ain't running from no bitch or no nigga
are you high? you must've stuffed the wrong shit inside your swisher
'cause shit you rap about is contradicting, why do people listen?
blindly admitting you don't believe what you pen
so why should God believe you when you attempt to repent for your sins
I don't know how it began, or how it's ending
I heard it's not where you start but how you finish
In the beginning, it's hard to get the attention
but some reason the day you die, you garner quite the attendence
I always felt that was ridiculous
'cause the ones that know me best, gon' look at them was some suspision, like...
to keep it g, just in case it's misunderstood
in a world filled with bad spirits, at least they'd know I was good
this may be the realest shit I've ever wrote
aye, I hope when you hear this shit you feel the same
I was once told please don't change or forget us
and I forgot'em when I changed for the better, that's real
they tell me don't change, but why would I stay the same me, ohhh
they tell me don't change, but why would they want the same me, ohhh ohhhh
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