Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam

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Uitgegeven door: J Records

Uitgegeven in: 2006

Album type: Full CD

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Tuesday 12th of September 2006 21:07

This album is Amazing and definlty one of Pearl Jams best! I am a Huuuuuuge Pearl Jam fann ! and my personal Favourite on this Album is probaly World Wide Sucide! and im sure its most peaoples favorite too ! But overall I think this is Definlty one of the best albums out there by Pearl Jam ! And im sure many people would agree with me ! Pearl Jam have been around for a good while and we should keep them around ! cause I know for a fact that I cant go a day without listening to Pearl Jam! And I will Contunie to listen to them until the day I die !!