PAX217 - Countin Down The Days

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Artist: Pax217
Song: Countin' Down The Days

I remember what seems like yeterday.
Couldn't hear your voice but knew you were there.
You were always listening, listening to every word i'd say.
Your heart was fading and i wasn't there.
You were at the other end couldn't speak but i know what you'd say.
Couldn't hear your voice but i could hear your heart say.
I'm gonna see you in a little while.
When I die I'll see something beautiful.
Come and see me sometome.

May the heavens hear all i have.
I'm countin' down, countin' down the days.
You're the one who taugt me how to listen, how to listen.
Now i'm waiting for the day, the day to come.
When i, when i will be with you.
I know where you went, i know where you are.
I know who you're with, cause you're just like Him.
I'm gonna see you in a little while.

Echo in me, echo in me.
Everyday, everyday.
That goes by without you.
That goes by without you.
Goodbye, i love you.
Come and see me sometime.
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Taal: Engels

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