PAX217 - A.m.

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Artist: PAX 217
Song: A.M.

Intricate are you among the masses
Interested in you will never pass us
Woke up today in a praising state on mind
Had a revelation while I'm waitin in line
A picture of your face flashed across the screen
It's time to come together to sing 217
Stare at me I can't forget a set of eyes
The window to your soul is what I'd like to analyze
So don't be surprised when I memorize you in a crowd
We the people got a purpose and it's now
Stare at me
Stare at me tonight
Intricate are you among the masses
Intricate are you will never pass us
So give me just a second to catch my breath
Heart attacks will come but I'll never see death
No need for verbs of descripition dig
Depiction tonight eternal listen kid
So inspire this poet from cage to stage
I'll climb to the window pencil to the page
Inside connection inside reflection
Me to you mine is yours musical affection
Open your window
You're a star
Interested in you
Intricate in you
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Taal: Engels

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