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Little sister
By the record machine
Tiny dancer
Such a sweet sixteen
She's goin' out
She's gonna party tonight
She's gonna shake
And make it last all night

Little brother's
Gotta a drivin' machine
Fast driver
Such a clean machine
They're goin' out
They're gonna put out the lights
They're gonna rock it, rock it, rock it

You can still rock in America
Ah, yeah, it's all right
You can still rock in America
Ah, yeah, all night
You can still rock in America

Little sister
Makes a move for the door
The door squeaks
She's on the second floor
Her daddy wakes
"Is everything okay?"
Not a sound
As she makes her getaway

Little brother's
Got it ready to roll
Tires burning
As they head for the show
Light it up
And turn the music on loud
They're rockin', rockin', rockin'


Rock in America
You can still
Rock in America
You can still
Rock in America
Yeah, you can still
Rock in America

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Auteur: Brad Gillis, Jack Blades

Componist: ?

Publisher: Night Ranger LLC


Uitgegeven in: 1983

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Midnight Madness (1983) , Greatest Hits (1989) , 20th Century Masters (2000) , Rock Breakout Years: 1984 (2005) , Icon (2015) , 40 Years and a Night with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra (2023)

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