Night Ranger

Night Ranger - Why Does Love Have To Change songtekst

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The old words
Don't mean the same anymore
Time makes the change
As the faces begin to age

To the eyes
Things look different than before
Spark and the flame
It'll never be the same, never be the same

Why does love have to change
Why does love have to change
Why does love have to change

The old place
Don't seem the same anymore
Yesterday's dreams
Lie discarded on the bedroom floor

In the heart
Will the pain go away
Time heals the wounds
But the scars seem to always stay
To haunt you another day


It's a hard way to go
I should'a left when my feelings showed
You had a hold on my soul
No more
It's the end of your reign
I still think it's strange
Why does love have to change

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Auteur: Jack Blades

Componist: ?

Publisher: MCA Records, Inc.


Uitgegeven in: 1983

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Midnight Madness (1983)

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