Mr. Autumn

Mr. Autumn - Red Kite

Je score:
Listenning to the riverside
Hear the waters stream away from me
On the hillside of the forest
Ther's a red kite flying high
And he's preying on a 
Frightened creature in the woods
Feels down
Have you lost all hope in you
Staring at the crackling fire
See the cinders jump outside the pit
Flames that flicker as they burn a memory deep inside your mind
And the light will cast a 
Shadow dancing in the woors states
That it's found some hope in you
Reconnect to soul beneath your feet
So you'll find some hope in you
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Auteur: Pieter Angel D'Haeseleer

Componist: Pieter Angel D'Haeseleer

Publisher: ?


Uitgegeven in: 2021

Taal: Engels

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