Mortal Sin

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Trying hard to survive the nuclear devastation

Under shelter for a year maybe more

Scrounging for food that may have survived the source of radiation

Amidst the darkness lying below the floor

The tragedy of Hiroshima, the killing of a nation

A logical way to end a bloody war

The lone survivors all together in a congregation

Praying for mercy behind a leadened door

Sheltered, sheltered from the storm, shattered

The kamikazes and the Maxis suffering condemnation

Wondering if they'll ever stay alive

Looking for ways to pacify the constant aggravation

Under pressure to let them all survive

The Tragedy of Hiroshima, the killing of a nation

Hundreds of thousands of people left to die

Nuclear clouds surround the tombs with little admiration

The children in the shelter start to cry

Sheltered, sheltered from the storm, shattered

Taking away the prisoners, taking away their lives

Taking away their freedom

They won't survive the shelters, they won't survive the pain

They won't survive the memories

Crying out for peace, crying in disgust

Crying out in ignorance

Fighting s losing battle, fighting s lost cause

Fighting against the hypocrisy of fighting a nuclear war
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