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Ah ah ah ah ah...

I like the way you push up on me [3x]

Ah ah ah ah ah ah...

Oh my Selecta's got the spot up on fire

Spinning all the joints that make me wanna wind

Yes me ready show ya how me mash it one time

It's about to get dangerous,

The rhythm got ya girl right here open,

So island man can you danle this

Gimme a lil taste oh what u gonna do

Boy I wanna feel you move,

Grind it up,

Let me feel the truth

Work me slow and drop it low

And break me off

Don't know what I do without ya baby

Can't afford to leave from this club without your name

And number up on this card,

So call me

Twirk it,

I like the way you push on me

Ohh wee, you look so right it's kinda scary,

Ya whole get up, ya swagger daddy - OH

Yes you papa boy come now push up on me

It's about to get serious

Something in my way my UH

Got you rocked so island man hurry hit the sopt

Don't take long I'm waiting on you

Boy I wanna feel you move,

Grind it up, let me feel the truth

Work me up and slow and drop it down low

And brak me off


I got ya posted up on the wall right were I want you

Your bodies caught in the motion

I'm workin my spell on you

It's even hotter when we get closer

You wanna stay here 4ever

I just met you baby

But I already know


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