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In the dressing room getting ready to go

Mascara, lipstick, powder on my nose

Touch up my hair, curled and sprayed

In the mirror I see that look on your face (High fashion)

I-I-I-I (Do I make you nervous) - I-I-I-I (Jealous)


Meet me at the catwalk (jealousy is my fuel)

at the catwalk (you won't see me lose my cool)

Lights on, cameras, looks on me, I make the front page of every magazine

V-O-G-U-E, my leg mak'em go crazy, meet me at the catwalk (V-O-G-U-E, [etc.])

Slip in my dress, zip it tight

ready to get out there, ready to fight

Secret whispers behind my back

But it doesn't hurt, it only makes me laugh, 'cause (High fashion)

I-I-I-I (Know I make yoo nervous) (High fashion) - I-I-I-I (Jealous)


I feel the beat of my heart, I'm ready for the show to start

The music is loud, i can see the crowd

Only VIP's around, everywhere the stakes are high

Dollar signs in their eyes, they came to choose,now here's my cue

The moment of truth


..(V-O-G-U-E, you know me, [etc.]).... I make'em go crazy
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