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Artist: Matchbook Romance
Song: Tiger Lily

Well this a good song that is so easy that it's riddiculous.

Here are the chords you use in this song.


            G                        C                   Em
We drive tonight, and you are by my side. We're talking about our lives,

            C                D                    G
Like we've known eachother forever and time flies by.

                         C                     Em
With the sound of your voice, its close to paradise,

         C          D
with the end surely near

       G             D                Em
And if I could only stop the car and hold on to you,

and never let go, I'd never let go.

        G              D                  Em
As we round the corner to your house you turn to me and said

I'll be going through withdrawal of you

for this one night we have spent

       G                   D                 Em
And I want to speak these words but I guess I'll just bite my tongue

      C                             D
And accept someday somehow, as the words that we'll hang from

   G   D                 Em
And I,    I don't wanna speak these words,

      C                 D
cause I, I don't wanna make things any worse

   G   D                 Em
And I,    I don't wanna speak these words,

      C                 D
cause I, I don't wanna make things any worse

C                          G
Why does tonight have to end?

              D                   Em
Why don't we hit the start, and pause it at our favorite parts

C              D         G             D            Em
We'll skip the goodbyes.   If I had it my way, I'd turn the car around

           C	       D
And runaway, just you and I.

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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: 5.1 Label Group, L.L.C.


Uitgegeven in: 2003

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Stories and Alibis (2003)

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