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Three books of human flesh

Of Magik, life and death

Of times long lost to man

Creation of the damned

Before the ancient gods

And Dreams of Eschaton

The Ancients of the Muse

Combated Cthulu

His tentacles reach far beyond the grave

These chronicles of light and life enslaved,

Were penned in blood

Before the mighty flood

Nocturnal Lords of Death

Summoned by Dragon's Breath

To cleanse this holy land

From sea to desert sand

Like Necronomicon,

And Ancient Bardic song

These books hold many clues

To Magik law and truth

The sentinels of Hell guard every gate

These chronicles of light and life enslaved

Were penned in blood

Before the mighty flood


Nightmares turned to living hell

Enchanted under the spell

Dark Lords cast upon the earth

Armageddon into birth

By the books

Holy Cross turned upside down

Burning empires to the ground

Aiser Legions march to war

Halocaust of ancient lore

In The Books


Long lost Magik of our tribes

Necromantic book of scribes

Blood from human sacrifice

Bringing life that never dies

The Book Of Skulls

The witch begat her only orn

Concieved by blackest rites

Sacrificial throats were torn

To give The Demon life

Life baptized in blood

Mankind thrown into the maze

Of a cataclysmic age

Cadavers re-animate

As The Priests Of Chaos prey

The Book Of Skulls.
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