M People

M People - Melody Of Life

Je score:
It's called real life. Believe me every word I say is true.
Life's not cheap you know so priceless near to death.
So live it while you can. Live it every breath.
Straight lines. Black and white. A silent exhibition.
You don't have to be a prisoner of your own ambition.


Melody of life, Symphony of love.
We got a Melody of life, Symphony of love.

We are children of life in a reservoir of dreams.
We are counting on the night when nothing is quite what it seems.
They'll inspire your arrogance with a lack of thought.
Weilding power is a trick, so easy to be bought.
Nothing is too far away nothings out of reach.
Look the world straight in the eye stand on your own feet.

Repeat chorus.

Mm it's high and low life.
In my life and your life. x2
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Auteur: Mike Pickering, Paul Heard

Componist: ?

Publisher: BMG UK & Ireland Ltd.


Uitgegeven in: 1993

Taal: Engels

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