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Lucinda Williams - Bus To Baton Rouge songtekst

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I had to go back to that house one more time 

To see if Camellias were in bloom 

For so many reasons it's been on my mind 

The house on Belmont Avenue 

Built up on cinderblocks off of the ground 

What with the rain and the soft swampy land 

By the sweet honeysuckle that grew all around 

Were switches when we were bad 


I took a bus to Baton Rouge....[etc.]

All the front rooms were kept closed off 

I never liked to go in there much 

Sometimes the doors they'd be locked 

'Cause there were precious things I couldn't touch 

The company couch covered in plastic 

Little books about being saved 

The dining room table nobody ate at 

And the piano nobody played 

(Repeat Chorus) 

There was this beautiful lamp I always loved 

A seashore was painted on the shade 

It would turn around when you switched on the bulb 

And gently rock the waves 

The driveway was covered with tiny white seashells 

A fig tree stood in the backyard there are other things I remember, as well 

But to tell them would be just too hard 

Ghosts in the wind that blow through my life 

Follow me wherever I go 

I'll never be free from these chains inside 

Hidden deep down in my soul
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