Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams - Atonement songtekst

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Come on, Come on, Come on

Kill the rats in the gutter

Sings the voice in the choir

Bring your Father and your Mother

Sing it higher and higher

Shake the clammy hand

Repeat the 23rd psalm

Make you understand

Where it was you went wrong

Voices from tapes

Shouting with twisted tongues

Emotional rape

Hell fire scorched lungs

Come on, Come on, Come on

Pay close attention to this

Let me give you something good to eat

Bite down hard 'til it sticks between your teeth

Glory, glory we've killed the beast

Blinded by glittery diamonds

Resting on crooked fingers

Shaded eyes they are the ones

Who'll lead you to your deliverance

From the figure of doom

Force you to understand

Lock you in a room

With a holy roller and a one man band
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