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Last time I saw you, you had dirt under your nails

Your eyes were glassy and you looked so pale

You said my life has become a livin' hell

Ain't got enough money to pay my bills

Everything is wrong

Everything is wrong

Got a friend with a needle stuck in his arm

He got hooked on heroin in Vietnam

It used to help kill the pain some of the time

Now I can't sleep at all since I got back home

I worked in the strip mines off and on

Now I can't seem to get rid of this cough

Ain't been many jobs these last few months

And the last one I had I got laid off

I ain't got no hot water and they shut off the heat

Can you loan me some money for something to eat

Been out here on this corner for about a week

Tryin hard to stand on my own two feet

They want to try and tell me where I can live

They kicked me off my land and told me they'd give me

A nice little tract house with running water

But how am I gonna explain that to my Navaho mother

My American dream almost came true

But the things they promised me never came through

I believe in the American dream

But things are never quite what they seem

Everything is wrong

Everything is wrong

Everything is wrong

Everything is wrong
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