Kris Kristofferson

Kris Kristofferson - Let The Walls Come Down songtekst

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On a cold dark corner i town
An old soul standing his ground
Sang his heart right out at the world
Passing him by
I can still hear every word
Of a song that nobody heard
‘Cause he sang right out of his soul
Into the sky, when he cried
Let the walls come down
Let the love come through
When it all comes down
Well, it's up to you
Talking man or woman to man
Pray to God just as hard as you can
Brother, help your brother in need
Soon as you see one
And you can't free nobody else
If you can't be true to yourself
If you're looking for a miracle now
Buddy, you better be one
All alone, on your own
Repeat chorus
Let the walls come down
Let it all come true
When it all comes down
It's up to me and you
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