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Koke came in cause ever since koke came in
Kokes been provoked to sin on these roads to win
Look it's k koke walks around broke with his nine and a grin
So mind out from him or get five in your chin
The A team riding with him so mind how you swim
I got sharks that will bite through your skin
Beat shots through the tin to the car you was in
That's for harbouring him, gun spit and they targetting limbs
He got hit from his heart to his Tims
Now his bloods on the floor by his car with the rims
Walks a horse and a casket it brings
No remorse now his hearts with the wind
Remorsters cause they all try the ting
They all want the beef so it's beef that we bring
Check my resume it's pure koke
I'm not the one you want to detonate
I'll bang won't hesitate
If it's beef thenn I'll tell him straight
Look him in his eyes I cann see hes not a heavyweight
Stand frm erly bang bang never late
If it's not for grans then fam I can never wait
I'm on the roads hungry liek I never ate
If it's dough bro I'm in involved if I'm getting paid
Get it straight I can make shots penetrate
I can demonstrate on your block fam or let of it
Get of me I ain't never been a stepping stone
Koke a make the mac rat tat through your flesh and bones
Official shit I ain't never been a vicious kid
But the hoods sick make me wana go and stick up shit make me wana go and pick up sticks
Touch the roads on my own and hit up pricks

It's k koke A team USG ya dun'noe
Got caught in the hype as a kid it's not nice were I live
These dark nights shottin white in the bridge
And outsides cold liek ice in the fridge
I'm not nice till I'm rich and no it's not right if u snitch
Why would u switch go and tell lies to the pigs
U noe it ain't right wat u did let me find wer u live
Real war let u hide in your crib till I'm kicking of your door
And it flies of the hinge look I'm riding with squinge
So no 1 dnt try it with him I'll like him to swing
Give me a reason to come back and light up my ting
I'm on the sight for the bling take his ice and his rings
Cause I'm broke and I like nice things my lifestyle stinks connect finks I'm gunahh smile with a drink
I'll wait a while and put a nine to my link
Take his ale in the blink and the stash that he has by the sink
Hard life so I sin hes insane
Scared brain fuk scars on your skin k's dark with revenge
I move smarter to win
Cold heart so it's harder to grin
U ain't a man cause u answer to him
Your on his arse liek a part of his skin can't start to begin
It's true that u never rapped a half up in cling
But u are hustling need too stop muffling
If u aren't struggling need to stop juggling
I see that little rich prick I'm mugging him
Cause he ain't seen shit like his mum suffering
Bedrin on the table they unplugging him
I dnt kno if I'm able it's getting tiring
Black flashes on the back road shots firing
Stack cash gotta stay low and fire at him!

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