K-Dogg - Gangsta Nation songtekst

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T double E and mutha fuckin F
If ya say it to fast you might lose yo breath
Cuz you gotta have teef no matter what you do
And if you don’t GHT gonna fuckin’ tease you
Simple as dat my toofless bitch
If you aint got teef yoos a dirty snitch
My first thought was dat you fell in a ditch
And let tha doc fix yo face stitch by stitch

And you can’t give head without no teef
You a skanky trick I’d rather beat my  meat
God damn, I need some mutha fuckin’ relief
from all these ked ass niggas givin’ me grief

GHT aint a fuckin’ carpool,
I aint bein’ mean, but we already full
Plus we busy enough makin bitches drool
So get da fuck back you gluck ass tool

(K-dogg - ) Let me introduce myself
Please excuse my rudeness Ha Ha Ha, NOT!

K-dogg’s da name
I’m ahead of tha game,
Back yo ass up and let me explain
Tha differences between us and why you insane
And how you and I will never be da same,
See, I’m in every house and in tha rappers Hall of Fame
In every CD playa and diamond picture frames
So, stop runnin yo mouf and takkin all tha claim
Or else my nine double M will show you bitch ass pain

OK you still doin it, well now I’m bein’ mean
And when I smash yo fuckin face through my Xerox machine
You’ll see dat you forgot about keeping shit clean,
And now you messin wit thee afrobic team (ha ha ha ha)
You prolly ain’t hearin’ a single fuckin’ thing
We aint a blacked eyed pea, we a harpoon swing
And when we catch you , (hell yeah ) we’ll show you true chronical steam
Dat will turn yo ass as white as vanilla ice-cream

Don’t be scared when I put my nine to yo chest
And don’t try to run cuz it will put you to rest
And if you..drop tha line, dat you be wearin’ a vest
Then, take a step back and let my trigger make da mess
See, dats what I do when niggas try to be me,
I drop bombs so hard dat they will make you freeze
this how us niggas rap, yeah we rhyme wit ease

WE in a battle in Seattle, feel tha ground that we shake
When I shoot right through you, you’ll no it aint fake
So don’t fuck wit me for I am tha one the only
K-D, O double G
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