Judas Priest

Judas Priest - Painkiller

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Uitgegeven door: Sony Japan

Uitgegeven in: 1990

Album type: Full CD

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Captain Rob

Monday 23rd of January 2006 22:34

Simply amazing album! I love it! Everything. K.K. & Glenn have done it again. Here's the songs:

Rating - 10/10
Commentary - Amazing drum intro by Scott Travis. Very metalish & awesome vocals by Rob Halford, and a face melting guitar solo. Kick-ass!

(2.)Hell Patrol
Rating - 9/10
Commentary - Very good song. Radical vocals.

(3.)All Guns Blazing
Rating - 7.5/10
Commentary - Good song. The vocal intro is a tad annoying though.

(4.)Leather Rebel
Rating - 8.5/10
Commentary - Good song. I like the lyrics. "...I can see my future; writings on the wall..."

(5.)Metal Meltdown
Rating - 11/10
Commentary - I love it! The instrumental intro kicks ass! Definetly my favorite.

Rating - 10.5/10
Commentary - Gold! Pure gold! My second favorite. Opening riff is very catchy.

(7.)Between the Hammer & the Anvil
Rating - 10/10
Commentary - VERY good solo. One of the best Priest can offer. Awesome.

(8.)A Touch of Evil
Rating - 11/10
Commentary - Awesome! I love intro.

(9.)Battle Hymn
Rating - 7/10
Commentary - Meh, this one's okay, but I don't fancy songs under atleast 2 1/2 minutes long. so-so. But a good riff.

(10.)One Shot at Glory
Rating - 10.75/10
Commentary - Very good opening riff. Awesome.

Overall, an awesome-ass album. My favorite Priest album.

The line-up is:
Rob Halford - Vocals
K.K. Downing - Lead Guitar
Glenn Tipton - Lead Guitar
Ian Hill - Bass Guitar
Scott Travis - Drums/Percussion