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One take, let's do this, uh... uh, yeah 

I was bamboozled, fooled into thinkin' it was gonna be 

All poodles, now I see a bunch of pits in front of me 

No collars, chains off 

Ready at any given moment to tear shit up like a chainsaw 

Better bite before you bark 

Yeah I was on 106, but that was just a walk in the park 

So we on the same show 

But I was on for 7 weeks before you even saw my face in a video 

Only difference between you and me 

Is that heads is actually anticipatin' for my cd 

Like 50 Cent, I got bigger fish to fry 

And I'll give it to any rapper that wish to die 

Used to never smoke 

But now all I do is stay high 

Chickens on my nuts sayin', "Jin you stay fly" 

But I would trade it all, in a blink of an eye 

So that when they speak of the dopest, you'll be thinkin' of thy 

He say, she say, he sound like him 

Get it correct, only rapper that I sound like's Jin 

Come on, it ain't hard to distinguish 

Even my Pops can tell the difference and he barely speaks English 

Swear to God, he knows every one of my flows 

If you don't think I got supporters, come to one of my shows 

Comin' out by the masses, seen the line around the block 

And I ain't even got vinyl out, you can't deny it, I'm hot 

Chasin' me down the street, takin' pictures in a van 

It's a thin line between a dick rider and a fan 

Got love for all of y'all, especially those that love to hate 

So when I got triple plat, I can rub it in your face 

They 'bout to make June 4th a holiday in Asia 

'Cause a star was born and he got signed to a major 

I'm down to sign autographs, it ain't a hassle 

But just 'cause I don't got a pen, don't make me an asshole 

Even Ava got fans, they stay speakin' her name 

Caught her writin' on the 'lo, you think she sick as the fame 

Hip-hop ain't just music, it's the way that we live 

I pray I get to see the day that I could say to my kid 

"Your father was one of the greatest to ever be heard 

Pay attention, son, listen close to every word 

Do what you should do, and I'm what you would do 

See I did my best and that was all that I could do" 

And none of y'all motherfuckers know what I've been through
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