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One Less Set of Footsteps
Jim Croce
Chords:  C, F, G, E7, Bb, Em, Am, D7, D, G

[C] We're been runnin' a[F]way from, [G]
[C] Somethin' we both [F]know, [G]
We're [C]long run [E7]out of [F]things to [C]say,
And I [F]think I'd [C]better [Bb]go. [G]
[C] So don't be gettin' ex[F]cited, [G]
When you [C]hear that [Em]slammin' [Am]door, [D7]
'Cause there'll be [C]one less set of [G]footsteps
On your [F]floor in the [C]mornin'.

[C] And we've been hidin' from [F]somethin', [G]
That should have [C]never gone this [F]far, [G]
[C] But after [E7]all it's [F]what we've [C]done,
That [F]makes us [C]what we [Bb]are. [G]
[C] And you've been talkin' in [F]silence, [G]
Well if it's [C]silence [Em]you a[Am]dore, [D7]
Oh, there'll be [C]one less set of [G]footsteps
On your [F]floor in the [C]mornin'.

Well there'll be [F]one less set of footsteps on your [C]floor,
[F]One less [Am]man to [C]walk in,
[F]One less pair of jeans upon your [G]door,
[Am]One less [D]voice a-[G7]talkin'.

[C] But tomorrow's a [F]dream away, [G]
And to[C]day has turned to [F]dust, [G]
[C] Your silver [E7]tongue has [F]turned to [C]clay,
And your [F]golden [C]rule to [Bb]rust. [G]
[C] If that's the way that you [F]want it, [G]
Well that's the [C]way I [Em]want it [Am]more, [D7]
'Cause there'll be [C]one less set of [G]footsteps
On your [F]floor in the [C]mornin'.

[Last verse, repeat last line to fade]
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Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: The Definitive Croce (2015)

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