Jesse Ashfield

Jesse Ashfield - Out Of Order

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I don't wanna move this slowly

Under the border

Instead I'm going under son 

I'm out of order


Everybody's out on one street

Or somewhere to follow

Don't worry 'bout a single thing

You're keeping me hollow


You don't have to work it out.

Just take it as it comes in final words before you

You hear it when the sun dies out

It won't leave sunlight out.

I don't really know anyone

Out on this highway

We got to find a single sun here

Without going that way


Everybody's got a dead man's curve

But we're going sideways

Don't worry 'bout a single thing

They're blocking the highways



Just take my ride

All right.

You don't have to get out

We don’t understand.

We don’t wanna find 

Everything we are now

We don’t wanna fight.

We don’t wanna fear

Everything we are now

You don't have to get out
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Auteur: Jesse De Belder

Componist: ?

Publisher: Sonicangel


Uitgegeven in: 2013

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Into The Woods (2013)

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