Jesse Ashfield

Jesse Ashfield - On Solid Ground

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* It will be here when I’m done

    But I’ll be sorry

    When it’s gone, I know I know.

* But you’ve got me

  In a bottle of all I want

  Sooner or later we’ll be home

  Alone, alone.


* My father loves me

  But I am sure

  My mother told him

  To go on home.

* It wouldn’t be too much

  It wouldn’t be my solid ground

  It wouldn’t be enough

  It wouldn’t be my only one.

=>But now you’re pushing me away

 Almost every day...

-My mother loves me.

 My daddy noticed.

 My sister’s all around the world, I know!

-It wouldn’t be too much

I’m walking around

 It wouldn’t be enough

I’m taking my time.

 It wouldn’t be too long

Caus I’m letting go,

I’m letting go...

Call it off.

I’m the one don’t you understand

Don’t you ever try to

Be around me in te best days of my life.
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Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Into The Woods (2013)

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