Jesse Ashfield

Jesse Ashfield - Ellis Park

Je score:
*You see it as

you walk

I’m watching as you talk to me.

“All my life I’ve worried about this thing.”


       *Still contaigned these waters aimed

        At suicidal ignorance


       *Alibi’s in mother’s eyes

        For Ellis in the middle

        Hide away, here with me tonight.


-You don’t even weigh

Anything you tell me (2x)

I’m.. In and and out of love.

-You don’t even weigh

Anything you tell me (2x)

I’m.. In and out of love


Let’s go...


-Weigh anything.

I’m in and out of love...

-You don’t even weigh anything

You tell me

You don't even weigh

I’m in and out of love...




=> You see it as you walk away
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Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Into The Woods (2013)

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